I am HEAD over HEELS excited about March!!!! Some people get excited about romance oils, BUT I think these are better!!!!  If we feel toxic, there isn’t going to be any romance 😉

I tell everyone that I meet, Your health starts in your HOME!!!! This is the PERFECT time to start with Young Living if you haven’t. If you already use…. STOCK UP!!!!

1st off: LEMON (100pv ER customers) – A vitality oil which means you can ingest it 👊 Add a drop or 2 to your glass water bottle. Oils are carbons and take the gunk out of our bodies. Supports the liver and digestion system. Smells amazing and wonderful for cleaning. P.S. add to your pancakes 👩‍🍳

2nd – CITRUS FRESH (190pv ER customers) – A blend of citrus oils all in one. Add to your water, smoothies, or Honey on a spoon. I have a FABULOUS citrus dip recipe for fruit with this oil. Diffusing is the BOMB!!!!

3rd – Thieves Dish Soap – 190PV, This dish soap works well and you don’t have to worry about ANY added toxins. How nice 🤭 That gives me such peace of mind….. Especially because my kids wash dishes….. Sometimes 🤣

4th – 250 PV – Thieves Household Cleaner AND a Glass bottle with label!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH 🤗🤩 I hope you can hear my excitement!! This cleaner works on EVERYTHING! I am not exaggerating. 1 cleaner for ENTIRE HOUSE 🏠🏦🏩🏰 Use this in your office, home, car, bathroom, tub, toilet, cabin, tables, counters, baby changing tables, highchairs, restaurant tables, floor, door knobs, light switches……….. It lasts forever because the bottle is concentrated. Just add water 🤓[easy-tweet tweet=”Remove the Toxins!!” user=”@AngelaP313″ hashtags=”#Thieves, #Toxins, #wellness, #oilbeelievers, #spring” url=”www.oily.life/oilbeelievers”]

5th – 300PV. OK, I am going to admit this. I Do NOT have this oil 😶BUT, I will NOW 😁😁 That is why I LOVE💞 Essential Rewards and Young Living. They give so much FREE stuff!!!!!!!

HOPE essential oil —- This is blend that has some great oils in it!!
– Melissa – calming and uplifting
– Myrrh – Lord gave this to Moses (Exodus 30:22-27) It allows you to open your heart and mind.
– Juniper – Feelings of health, love and peace.
– Spruce – Grounding oil to create balance and opening which is necessary to RECEIVE and to GIVE.

This oil is WONDERFUL for days when we don’t feel our best. When we let the negative things in the world affect us to deeply. Beautiful oil for teenagers that struggle with daily emotional issues at school.

I am so excited to get this oil!!!! I will probably order 2 extras for a couple friend’s. This oil being applied topically could be worn as a perfume/cologne everyday. It already has a carrier oil in it – Almond Oil. No need to dilute 

You can apply it to OUTER edge of ears. Place onto the chest, heart, temples, or the neck and wrists.

** ALL 4 of my boys will be wearing this as well as me **
EVERYONE can use feelings of health, love and peace in today’s world. 🙌🙏

As ALWAYS – if you have questions —- let me know. I can help more specifically when talking in person or over the phone. 💖