It seems that no matter where I drive to – people notice my license plate.  Many people think it is because we live in Wisconsin and our weather is so HORMONAL.  I wonder if Mother Nature is laughing at us sometimes.  So what does your plate mean?  “O2BWARM”


I always respond  “My thermostat just doesn’t work quite the way it should” and many laugh or then complain about their “hot flashes”.  A select few will say that they have the same issue.  Being cold all the time!


How many of you have the HOUSE WAR with the THERMOSTAT??  I am actually very blessed to have a supportive family that lets me control the temperature based on how I am feeling.  That means 73-74 degrees in Winter and in Summer I will put the air on when it is around 78 or very humid.


The problem is, even at that temperature I am usually shivering or have to bundle up in the house.  My kids and husband are walking around in their underwear or pj pants and no shirts.  

My CrAzY nervous system is always acting up.  I have one of those auto-immune diseases that cause havoc at the worst times.  My body has always been fighting me to do the opposite of what I want to do.


Have you ever wondered how your body Regulates Your Temperature?

The body’s temperature control center is the hypothalamus. It’s a small part of the brain that controls a number of functions. It helps balance body fluids and your salt concentrations. It coordinates the autonomic nervous system — that’s the system that controls processes you don’t have to think about, such as breathing, your heartbeat, blood pressure, digestive processes and your temperature.

The hypothalamus also controls chemicals and hormones that have a role in your body temperature.

The hypothalamus is a bit like a thermostat. It works with the autonomic nervous system to track your body temperature and keep it in the appropriate range.

The system can respond to internal and external influences and make adjustments to keep your body within a degree or two of your normal.

The hypothalamus and your autonomic nervous system work with your skin, sweat glands, muscles and even your blood vessels to keep your temperature normal. 


Well, wasn’t that interesting….?  It will all make sense soon!  I hope….. 

I started using Young Living Essential Oils because my health was BELOW the wellness line.  I share these posts because I hope that they will help another warrier out there.  Sometimes, a simple tip or recipe can make a HUGE difference in how someone feels.

Mentally, physically & spiritually  🙂


Today I blended  Wintergreen & Fennel together in my diffuser.  I have not tried this specific blend before and was really surprised with the results!!!


It smells just like BLACK LICORICE 🙂


This is actually funny because I despise this licorice.  My mom and sister eat this on road trips and when special occasions arise. Like a trip to the candy store while we are touring a new town.  They are very good about sharing, but I think that is because they know I hate it – LOL

Now the scent on the other hand is quite good.  I don’t know if it just sparks memories for me of our childhood or if it is soothing to my stomach.  It is similar to my Love/Hate relationship with coffee.

Love the smell while it is brewing in the morning, but do not like the taste of it at all.


Oils & Memories

Have you ever wondered why certain smells can change our emotions or even make you feel unpleasant?  Sometimes you can close your eyes, inhale a scent and remember a specific moment from our past within milliseconds.


Essential oils can work within 3 seconds after inhaling them.  Oils have a fragrance that is found inside the plant.  They are the life blood of the plant. Oils are volatile molecules that can make their way into your bloodstream, travel directly through the blood/brain barrier very quickly.


  • The hippocampus is involved in olfaction (smelling). How so exactly? Aromatic molecules contained within essential oils interact with sensors in your nasal cavity, lungs, pores and more. Research shows that the olfactory bulb projects information into the ventral part of the hippocampus, and the hippocampus sends axons to the main olfactory bulb, (including the anterior olfactory nucleus and the primary olfactory cortex). This is how memories and smells become tied together. (Pub Med article on Olfactory)

  • Once engaged, sensors emit strong emotional signals based on smells starting from your limbic system (hippocampus) and spreading throughout the rest of your body to places like your heart and digestive tract.

  • Essential oils can impact memory, balance hormone levels and overall support healthy limbic system functions.  New scientific evidence shows that inhaling essential oils may be one of the fastest ways to create physiological or psychological benefits. These include decreasing anxiety, anger or even fatigue.


I started diffusing 3 drops of Fennel and 2 Drops of Wintergreen in my Lantern Diffuser.  About 10 minutes later I noticed that I felt a little more energized, focused and wanted to start doing things to be productive.  This is a shift for me.  The shift was mentally.  I actually was motivated to get ahead of the day.  To get some chores done and finish some priority things on my “to do” list.

I was enjoying the scent so much that I started to research more about the specific oils I was diffusing in my reference book.  I know that Wintergreen is great for muscle recovery, and is known to alleviate bone pain.  My oldest uses this oil often after football and wrestling.

** We always dilute Wintergreen with V-6 carrier oil when applying topically.

Then I read about the aromatic influence:  It influences, elevates, opens, and increases awareness in the sensory system.

I moved on to Fennel.  So this oil has been used in our home for digestive issues primarily.  As I looked more into the oil I found out that it has historically been used on victorious warriors to bestow strength, courage, and longevity.  It has been used for snakebites and to stave off hunger pains.

The most interesting part to me was the aromatic influence: It influences and increases longevity, courage, and purification.  It stimulates sympathetic nervous system activity.

That is when I looked up the sympathetic nervous system

** Reference regarding Oils and sympathetic nervous system


The sympathetic nervous system, not white blood cells, is critically important in the regulation of energy expenditure and thermogenesis, researchers reveal in a new report.

“A new study from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai provides important insights into how the body regulates its production of heat, a process known as thermogenesis that is currently intensely studied as a target of diabetes and obesity treatment in humans.” per Mt. Sinai Health System.

This article states – Brown adipose tissue is a type of fat tissue that burns energy to produce heat and keep us warm. Catecholamines can also convert white fat tissue, the more familiar kind of fat tissue that stores lipids, into a tissue that resembles brown fat.

The ability to generate heat is critical for the survival of warm-blooded animals, including humans, as it prevents death by hypothermia. “This evolutionary pressure shaped the biology of humans and that of other warm-blooded animals, and may in part explain why humans are susceptible to developing diabetes in the environment in which we live,” says Dr. Buettner.

For further information on this topic you can read the article:


For me, I use the oils for many things.  We cook with the vitality line, use the Savvy makeup line, and clean with the Thieves line. I have switched my home over to a chemical free environment.  This is helping my family & pets as well.


I love to diffuse oils instead of burning candles.  There are many synthetic and toxic chemicals in candles.  Did you know that when a label lists “fragrance” that can be  a long list of synthetic chemicals to make up that ingredient.


Begin your wellness journey today

Young Living is a FULL DISCLOSURE company which is so comforting to me.  They choose to list ALL ingredients.  That is not a law, and most companies do not do this.

When we diffuse we not only get a scent that we choose, but we also are supporting our bodies.  That is why I am so excited about my findings with Wintergreen & Fennel.

For me – this is a beneficial blend that will support my nervous system.  Everyone is different.  Using oils to stay above the wellness line is becoming much more common these days.

I always encourage everyone to do their own research.  Know the sourcing of the products you are using.  Ask questions.

Can you visit their facility and see the harvesting of the oils?  Can you see the testing that they do?  You are the customer

EMPOWER yourself!!!!


Happy Oiling~  Angela