Oils? Who knew...

Our family is anything but normal!! We love to be goofy, spend time together, & travel. My oil addiction started with using Young Living products 4 years ago. Initially it was to treat my own health issues that I was struggling with. I wasn’t enjoying life like I wanted to and was missing quality time with my kiddos. After seeing and feeling the amazing benefits it didn’t take long to twist the arms of the family into using them… LOL . This included my husband, 3 boys, and our dogs.

The kids started asking me to make them rollerball’s that they could use at school and for sports. Peppermint to focus, Panaway for sore muscles, and Digize for tummy issues. If Parker can’t settle down for bed he diffuses Peace & Calming. Our dog loves to sleep under the lavender diffuser. Scott starts his day with Ningxia Red for body system support and energy. Happy to report that as of December he is off his Cholesterol meds and weaning off his blood pressure meds.

We use the oils for everything! I specifically use them for emotional support to help others with all types of addiction and recovery.
In our home we use them for cleaning, cooking, diffusing, ailments, laundry, athletics, etc. It is empowering as a mom to know that I can keep chemicals out of my home. I can protect my family and feel confident that I am doing a great job! So now I hope to share the oils with others so that they can live the “oily” lifestyle 🙂